A graphic artist working imaginatively and conceptually across both digital and physical media. Currently studying MA Graphic Communication design at KADK, Copenhagen. Open for collaboration.


Universal Expression is a speculation of what language could become due to the expanding use of virtual and augmented reality.

A universal script which exists in the realms of virtual & augmented reality. It is a handwriting system which is drawn in a three dimensional environment – presenting language off the page and in cyber space. It aims to break down language barriers between nationalities by adopting the technology of the future as its medium.

March 2018  –  May 2018

Print: 285 x 370mm. Printed by Print on paper.

          841 x 1189mm. (Poster available to buy)

Video: Universal Expression


Architeketon is publication which goes back in time to highlight the origins of the word “architect.” It evaluates how the meaning of the word has changed over the centuries dating right back to ancient Greece. 

Issues concerning contemporary architecture are discussed as we try to evaluate the ever changing urban landscape we live in where “Architecture is approaching sculpture and sculpture is approaching architecture.”

October 2017  –  January 2018

Print: 841 x 1189mm. 

          220 x 220mm.


Acts of Making was a two day graphic arts festival showcasing selected work from the BA Graphic Arts course at Winchester School of Art. Myself and a team of 4 others designed the identity for the event and the catalogue.

June 2018

Print: Unicum, by Gianotten

          200 x 285mm.


A publication that journeys through the life of my deceased mother, Karen. She was an excellent archivist and kept everything from train tickets to job application during her teenage years – in a journal. Through multiple conversations with my auntie, we managed to map out her entire life year by year.

March 2017

Print: 115 x 185mm.


During a 2 week image making course, 4 posters were designed in response to different subject areas. The main 4 themes are: Philosophical, Speculative, Critical and Commercial.

Video: Philosophical Motion

November 201

Print: 594 x 841mm.


A poster I collaboratively designed alongside Wilfred, one half of KLD Repro print studio in Copenhagen. The poster was for a record fair and live music event. After searching through Wilfreds collection of vinyl’s, I found a recurring design aesthetic which was translated onto the bottom of the poster. 

One Take Records

November 2018

Print: Publication 420 x 594mm.


A speculative project set in 2025 to solve the problem of counterfeit in luxury goods. I created a new language which acts as an ever-changing padlock written into the label of luxury items. 

Publication and screen prints have been made using zoomed in crops of the letter forms designed.

brief by De La Rue 

October 2017  –  January 2018

Print: Publication 105 x 165mm.

          Silkscreen 594 x 841mm. (Available to buy)


An experimental typeface which uses contextual alternates to determine the interaction between jumping and connecting serifs.

Video: Type Specimen

October 2019


The Pneu Format Experiments are a series of publicly constructed, playful and collaborative experiments. Participant’s involvement aims to create a collective consciousness within the unpredictable times of a COVID-19 world.

Digital inputs from an interactive website were collected and transformed into the physical world, taking shape as various inflatable bubbles. The pneumatic structures serve as physical artefacts from corona times, championing human connections.

Video: The Pneu Format Experiments

Website: pneuformat.com

April 2020


A self-initiated project sparked by garish typography and graphics on delivery trucks around New York. T-shirts were made by quite literally ripping the typography and graphics from delivery trucks around the city and printing onto long sleeve t-shirts.

January 2018

Print: Silkscreen on long sleeve t-shirts (Red, Blue, White)

          297 x 420mm. Risograph

          (SOLD OUT)


An ongoing personal project documenting my life through 35mm analog photographs. Photos from my travels are stuck into various publications, found or bought in the area the photographs were taken. 

September 2017 – Ongoing


The Alley is a house party that happens roughly once every three months. I and my good friend Tom are resident DJs during the night which is hosted in the side alley of 37 Winnal Manor Road. Between the event organisers, we each design promotional posters for the night and paste the posters on the walls of the alley.

January 2017 – Ongoing

Print: 297 x 420mm. Risograph

          841 x 1189mm.


Poster designed for the ‘Work in Progress’ Winchester School of Art Fashion Show.

January 2018 

Print: 297 x 420mm. Risograph


A self-initiated project exploring the use of a Risograph printer to create experimental, multi layered prints. This project very much em-brasses happy accidents and allows the process to decide the outcome.

Every new poster I create, I print on top of a previous piece I have made in the past or from the same project. I hope one day one of the posters will be so dense with ink, the whole page is just black.

February 2017  –  June 2018

Print: 297 x 420mm. Risograph


Coming from a Graphic Arts course I worked very closely with lots of illustrators and photographers. By teaming up with a couple of illustrators (Hugo Bilton & Ewan Craig) we produced these posters for Febueder’s shows. Some posters shown are concept sketches.


April 2018  –  Ongoing

Print: 594 x 841mm.


A series of posters exploring different types of architecture I found during my visit to Zurich. All photos used were shot by myself using my Rollei Prego 145 on a panoramic crop.

November 2017

Print: 420 x 594mm (individual posters).


A sculptural workshop held at SPACE 10 Copenhagen for the three days of design festival in Copenhagen. Workshop led by a Fabio Hendry, one half of studio Ilio. 

May 2019


An exploration of form and expression through large scale acrylic paintings. Everything hand painted with a steady hand and a still mind.

October 2018 – Ongoing

Various sizes. (Available to buy)


The Life of a Modular Alien.

They are born as Posca pen drawings, using a strict set of rules on grid paper. Then quickly mature into a digital form by the aliens passing through the scanner, onto a USB and into my computer. Part of them is now eternally trapped in my computer, as a JPEG file, with no escape. However the lucky few get chosen to go back into the real world through these experimental screen prints, where gradients take over each individual character.

October 2017

Print: 594 x 841mm. (Available to buy)


In collaboration with techno group – Dock 34 – I and two friends: Tom McGrath and Pan Skaribas do visual projections during their performance. We work closely with the DJs to form a fluid connection of live music and live visuals. We build custom structures and stage sets to fit each specific location. Along with new stage sets – we designs new visuals – making no two shows the same.


December 2016  –  March 2019