A graphic artist working imaginatively and conceptually across both digital and physical media to enrich and bring joy to the human experience. Open for collaboration.


Natural Connection is an interactive exhibition which explores how a cybernetic communication between human beings and fungi can form a more compassionate, considerate and collaborative relationship between mankind and the natural world.

Visitors enter an enlarged mycelium network constructed of threads to engage in multi-sensory conversation with fungi. Upon physical touch of various mycelium pads, pulses of light and sounds recorded directly from a set of mushrooms connected to a modular synthesizer reverberate throughout the space.

In collaboration with Olivia Brix & Thomas Mcgrath.

February 2021 – Ongoing

Exhibited at Culture Box


Universal Expression is a speculation of what language could become due to the expanding use of virtual and augmented reality.

A universal handwriting system which is drawn in a three dimensional environment – presenting language off the page and in cyber space. It aims to break down language barriers between nationalities by adopting the technology of the future as its medium.
A further development of the project has been to create an interactive exhibition which invites visitors to continuously build a dictionary of characters.

March 2018  –  November 2020

Video: Universal Expression

VR Website


An exploration of form and expression through large scale acrylic paintings. Everything hand painted with a steady hand and a still mind.

October 2018 – Ongoing

Various sizes. (Available to buy)


Art of Seeing is a creation from lockdown, in which I work closely with music producer, Carter Fools. 

Together, our aim was to create an audio-visual journey where the viewer could visually follow the fluid melodies and punchy dance beats, through a uniform-width line exploding and exploring the surface of the two-dimensional screen.

Full Video

December 2020


Architeketon is publication which goes back in time to highlight the origins of the word “architect.” It evaluates how the meaning of the word has changed over the centuries dating right back to ancient Greece. 

Issues concerning contemporary architecture are discussed as we try to evaluate the ever changing urban landscape we live in where “Architecture is approaching sculpture and sculpture is approaching architecture.”

October 2017  –  January 2018

Print: 841 x 1189mm. 

          220 x 220mm.


The Royal Danish Academy has not had a student handbook before I and 4 others set ourselves the task to provide essential and personal information for new and existing students at the Academy.


Print: Eks Skolen Tryk

          170 x 220mm.


A publication that journeys through the life of my deceased mother, Karen. She was an excellent archivist and kept everything from train tickets to job application during her teenage years – in a journal. Through multiple conversations with my auntie, we managed to map out her entire life year by year.

March 2017

Print: 115 x 185mm.


During a 2 week image making course, 4 posters were designed in response to different subject areas. The main 4 themes are: Philosophical, Speculative, Critical and Commercial.

Video: Philosophical Motion

November 201

Print: 594 x 841mm.


A speculative project set in 2025 to solve the problem of counterfeit in luxury goods. I created a new language which acts as an ever-changing padlock written into the label of luxury items. 

Publication and screen prints have been made using zoomed in crops of the letter forms designed.

brief by De La Rue 

October 2017  –  January 2018

Print: Publication 105 x 165mm.

          Silkscreen 594 x 841mm. (Available to buy)


An experimental typeface which uses contextual alternates to determine the interaction between jumping and connecting serifs.

Video: Type Specimen

October 2020


Seven Clean Seas are a start company who pull plastic directly out of the ocean, creating permanent change in the top seven most polluted areas of the world. I created a 30 second animation to promote the release a new range of products.

View full video here

Music by Carter Fools

October 2021


Kinetic Continuum is an audio-visual investigation into the relationship between matter, space and time. The installation presents the audience with the opportunity to directly explore the phenomenon of gravitation through 16 controllable points. As viewers use the mechanisms to alter areas of gravitation in the universe, they can follow the trajectory of planets and surrounding celestial bodies through spacetime.

March 2020

Team: Martynas Šeškas, Thomas Mcgrath & Olivia Brix


The Pneu Format Experiments are a series of publicly constructed, playful and collaborative experiments. Participant’s involvement aims to create a collective consciousness within the unpredictable times of a COVID-19 world.

Digital inputs from an interactive website were collected and transformed into the physical world, taking shape as various inflatable bubbles. The pneumatic structures serve as physical artefacts from corona times, championing human connections.

Video: The Pneu Format Experiments

April 2020


Febueder are an avant-indie duo from Ascot, England, composed of lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey and percussionist Samuel Keysell (my brother).

I am employed as their personal graphic designer, producing most of their posters and occasionally cover art. Some posters have been created in collaboration with Ewan Craig and Hugo Bilton.


April 2018  –  Ongoing


An ongoing personal project documenting my life through 35mm analog photographs. Photos from my travels are stuck into various publications, found or bought in the area the photographs were taken. 

September 2017 – Ongoing


A sculptural workshop held at SPACE 10 Copenhagen for the three days of design festival in Copenhagen. Workshop led by a Fabio Hendry, one half of studio Ilio. 

May 2019


A self-initiated project sparked by garish typography and graphics on delivery trucks around New York. T-shirts were made by quite literally ripping the typography and graphics from delivery trucks around the city and printing onto long sleeve t-shirts.

January 2018

Print: Silkscreen on long sleeve t-shirts (Red, Blue, White)

          297 x 420mm. Risograph

          (SOLD OUT)


In collaboration with techno group – Dock 34 – I and two friends: Tom McGrath and Pan Skaribas do visual projections during their performance. We work closely with the DJs to form a fluid connection of live music and live visuals. We build custom structures and stage sets to fit each specific location. Along with new stage sets – we designs new visuals – making no two shows the same.


December 2016  –  March 2019